Posted: 3 years ago

Joint Project by Liberty #withheart and Lingwing

On October 21, Liberty Bank and Lingwing, the first Georgian platform for teaching foreign languages, signed a memorandum on cooperation, under which Liberty Bank will finance English language courses for 500 enrollees.

Under the memorandum, Liberty Bank will ensure free foreign language courses for socially vulnerable students. Founded 4 years ago, Lingwing is an online Georgian platform for teaching foreign languages.

The platform provides unique teaching methods to ensure maximum engagement of users and develop all four skills simultaneously for learning foreign languages in the shortest period. “I am happy that we have started implementing this program. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Liberty Bank.

We have all preconditions to implement this project successfully, deepen our partnership further, and offer various interesting new projects to our customers. The new and young team of Liberty Bank knows very well how important it is to make investments in the education of young people”, Vato Veliashvili, the Lingwing cofounder noted. „We continue our social responsibility program “Liberty #withheart.

Through participation in this project, we want to support the Georgian company with an innovative and effective platform for teaching foreign languages. We are also delighted that over 500 enrollees will learn foreign languages thanks to our support. Furthermore, the project has enabled us to provide free foreign language courses for socially vulnerable enrollees too. Participation in similar projects complies with the bank’s strategy that calls for promoting small and medium business sectors and supporting the education of young people as part of social responsibility campaigns”, Giorgi Makaridze, director of Liberty Bank’s retail banking service noted.

Those wishing to join the project should fill out a registration form on up to the 15th of November. Lingwing will select applicants based on their motivation letters.