Posted: 7 months ago

International Level Mentors Announced for 500 Global Accelerator's Fourth Stream in Georgia

500 Global, one of the world's largest accelerators, has launched its fourth stream in Georgia with 12 selected startups.

The companies, representing seven different countries from the EECCA region, were chosen from a pool of applicants from 40 countries. The 12-week intensive training program aims to help these startups learn from 500 Global's investment expertise and international partners. Participants will also work with international mentors to develop business and financing strategies for rapid growth.

The 500 Global accelerator manages $2.7 billion in assets and prioritizes fast-growing tech companies. It has supported over 5,000 founders and more than 2,700 companies from 81 countries. The accelerator team consists of representatives from 27 countries with experience in leading technology companies.

500 Georgia is a regional program of the Global Accelerator that aims to build a strong local startup environment and create opportunities for startups to scale, attract global investors, and join the international startup ecosystem. Startups participating in 500 Georgia can join 500 Global technology hubs around the world, which can help move them to a completely new stage.

The 12 selected startups for the fourth stream of 500 Georgia are Arena Games, Bilimber, DataMind, Dealpad, Deskntea, Emonomy, Fortu Wealth, Glorri, Murmur, OneApp, Squares, and Uteach. These startups will have the opportunity to work with international level mentors such as Justyna Jastrzebska, Pedro Vieira, Timur Daudpota, and Dennis Kibirev.

Justyna Jastrzebska has over 16 years of experience in the global startup ecosystem and helps startups grow at scale. Pedro Vieira has in-depth experience on both the business and investor side, having founded the company GoodGuide and the Shilling Founders Fund. Timur Daudpota is an angel investor who has cooperated with more than 450 startups and mentored in product development and growth. Dennis Kibirev has over 17 years of experience in the global startup ecosystem and has mentored more than 300 startups from all seven continents.

The 500 Georgia program is implemented in partnership with the Bank of Georgia and the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency GITA. The previous three streams of the program helped Georgian startups increase their investment potential significantly. Two winners from each stream received a trip to California's Silicon Valley, providing them with more opportunities for development and investment attraction.

The 500 Global Accelerator's fourth stream in Georgia is a testament to the region's growing startup ecosystem and the international community's interest in supporting it. The selected startups have the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors and develop strategies for rapid growth, potentially leading to significant success in the future.