Posted: 10 months ago

How to Get a Cashback at Food Outlets Via Space?

The first fully-fledged digital bank Space in Georgia has just completed its one year anniversary. During this period of time banking has introduced many innovations in daily banking: 24/7 transfers, all bank card applications in one app, remote account opening, free online card ordering, QR installments, getting a loan in 2 minutes, money transfer, etc.

This time Space launched a unique cashback program: When you pay get a cashback by paying at any food outlet around the world, you will be refunded 5%.
"In this case, as well as in creating other Space products, we have focused on instantness and simplicity," said Safes. “We did not want our customers to be exhausted to find our partner lists, specific sites where they could use this program. We have decided to return 5% of the money paid anywhere in the world for food, and most importantly instantly, because we do not like waiting as much as our loyal Spacers. "
To get the cashback, just order a Space card via Space App and they will bring it to any address. In Tbilisi, the card will be delivered to you by electric scooter couriers called pilots. The Space card is completely free, you do not pay for the order, delivery or commission. Cash withdrawal is also free of charge at 4 ATMs (TBC, VTB, Khalik Bank and Basis Bank).
In addition, one month ago, Space raised more interest in its card when it introduced a different loyalty program - Space Play. The principle here is simple too: Pay as often as possible for the Space card, collect stars all week long and earn money on Friday, at a maximum of GEL 150, at least GEL 5.
“Learning , working, remembering is much easier by playing. We wondered why the elements of the game cannot be brought into our day-to-day management of finances, ”said Natia Svanidze, a spokeswoman for the office. "The use of game elements in the context of 'non-games' is becoming increasingly popular - known in the world as 'gamification'. It is with this approach that we have developed our loyalty program”.
They say at Space that all the news they are implementing is planned based on the requests and feedback from their customers. “Loyal Spacers are as involved in product development as we are employees. Therefore, it is very important for us to hear and analyze their point of view. We do our best to implement new ideas as quickly as possible and meet all requirements. "
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