Posted: 3 years ago

Government to Refinance Eurobonds in 2021

The Government of Georgia plans to refinance Eurobonds worth $500 million. The 2021 budget bill also calls for issuing new Eurobonds worth around GEL 1.657 billion.

On the whole, Georgia will have fund foreign liabilities by GEL 3.148 billion, including the principal sum of GEL 2.760 billion and interest of GEL 388 million.

The Georgian state debt forecast margin will be GEL 33.680 billion at the end of 2021, including the top margin of state foreign debt – GEL 27.734 billion and domestic debts of GEL 5.946 billion. By the end of 2021, the Government’s margin debt amount will be 60.1% in GDP, while the current value of private cooperation projects as for January 1, 2021, constituted 0.7% in GDP. The sum is 60.8%, while the determined margin is 60% in GDP.