Posted: 3 months ago

Global Finance Nominated Koba Gvenetadze Among The Best Central Bankers

World's leading financial editorial, Global Finance named Koba Gvenetadze among Best Central Bankers of 2019.

International magazine Global Finance annually publishes "The Central Banker Report Cards", which grades central bank governors.

It is noteworthy, that Global Finance Award is acknowledged worldwide; individuals and banks receiving the awards are distinguished in global financial community for their high reputation and successful work.

Bankers are graded for success in areas such as monetary and exchange rate policies, as well as inflation control, interest rate management and support of economic growth. It is important to emphasize, that it is the first time that Global Finance entered the Governor of the National Bank of Georgia in the Report Cards and under the aforementioned criteria he received an A- and joined the elite club of the central bankers who's ratings are A and A-.