Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Neobank’s TBC UZ App Crosses 4 million Downloads in Uzbekistan Market

Space International, the first international Georgian fintech company of the TBC Group, has announced that its TBC UZ application has been downloaded four million times in Uzbekistan in just two and a half years since its launch. The CEO of Space International, Nika Kurdian, expressed his delight at this achievement on LinkedIn.

Kurdian emphasized that while the number of downloads is crucial, the more critical aspect is the conversion of downloads into active users. Nevertheless, he said that accumulating four million downloads in a developing market like Uzbekistan is a remarkable accomplishment for a digital bank.

Space International's TBC UZ app is fully digital and is available to customers in Uzbekistan and Georgia. The app has helped the company amass more than three million customers, with two million of them in Uzbekistan. Moreover, the TBC Group, which owns Space International, also has another fintech platform in Uzbekistan called Payme. Payme is the largest online payment platform in Kazakhstan and is used by more than five million people.

The success of the TBC UZ app is an indication of the growing popularity of digital banking in Uzbekistan. The country's government has been making efforts to modernize the banking sector and promote financial inclusion. As a result, digital banks and fintech companies have been flourishing in the country, providing innovative and accessible financial services to the people.

In conclusion, Space International's TBC UZ app's achievement of crossing four million downloads in the Uzbekistan market is a testament to the company's success and innovation in the fintech sector. With the increasing demand for digital banking services in Uzbekistan, Space International is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion in the region.