Posted: 3 weeks ago

"Customer-Oriented AI Governance" Workshop Held

The partnership between the Bank of Georgia and DataFest Tbilisi continues successfully. Recently, with the support of the financial institution and the organization of DataFest Tbilisi, the workshop "Customer-Oriented AI Governance" was held. The workshop was led by Ana Chubinidze, founder and director of AdalanAI.

As highlighted at DataFest Tbilisi, the issue of governance and regulation of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant with technological advancement. Previously, the focus was primarily on ethical or responsible AI. However, the speaker introduced a new concept: user-oriented artificial intelligence.

“Customer-centric AI governance fosters customer relationships, continuous improvement, and innovation, ensuring that AI technologies fully serve those for whom they are designed. The workshop participants learned how to start implementing AI governance processes in their companies and what changes are necessary to achieve the best results from this technology," said Nino Macharashvili, founder of DataFest Tbilisi.

The event was held in a hybrid format. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to the speaker both in person at the 4B space of the Bank of Georgia and virtually via the Zoom platform.

"Such events contribute to the sharing of knowledge and experience among participants and the creation and consolidation of a professional network interested in the topic. Often, Georgian businesses develop in isolation from global trends. At this time, it is especially important to highlight current topics and bring them to Georgian professional circles with the help of competent speakers," explained Nino Macharashvili.

The partnership between the Bank of Georgia and DataFest Tbilisi has been ongoing for seven years. Within this framework, numerous international festivals and meetings have been held both in the capital and the regions, as well as online.

"We are delighted that another interesting meeting took place with DataFest Tbilisi, where we shared valuable information with those interested in the latest, fast-growing technologies and businesses focused on innovation. As a technology company, we support all initiatives that offer businesses the opportunity to develop and introduce innovations. Our partnership continues, and we will soon offer another large-scale event to those interested in technology," said the Bank of Georgia.

For your information, from September 19-21, with the support of the Bank of Georgia, the large-scale festival DataFest Tbilisi 2024 will be held. The event will host up to 1,000 guests interested in artificial intelligence, data science, visualization, and other technology issues.

You can get more information about the September 19-21 festival and buy tickets on the website DataFest Tbilisi