Posted: 1 month ago

BGEO Group's Market Capitalization Surpasses £2.3 Billion

The Bank of Georgia Group (BGEO) experienced a significant 40% month-on-month surge in its London session week closing.

Throughout the week, trading volumes on the London Stock Exchange saw a 2.3% increase, with over 280,000 shares changing hands. Share prices fluctuated between £49.50 and £51.90, averaging about 63,000 shares traded daily.

Analysts at G&T attribute this surge in investor interest to the group's recent strategic expansion, notably its entry into the Armenian market. BGEO Group recently announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Ameriabank, with the transaction valued at $303.6 million.

As of March 11, the market capitalization of BGEO has exceeded £2.3 billion, a significant rise from £1.751 billion recorded on February 11, 2023.