Posted: 3 years ago

Beeline and TBC Launch Strategic Partnership in Uzbekistan

Beeline and TBC set to launch the strategic partnerships in Uzbekistan.

The Parties have already signed a corresponding memorandum and expressed readiness to implement joint beneficially projects. The memorandum calls for opening bank accounts and digital wallets, offering credit and deposit bank products through various digital channels. The Bank and the cellular communication company also plan to lunch joint testing and enforce a scoring model. Nonstandard activities are required for transforming traditional banking and the new partner was selected from this standpoint, TBC Bank managers noted.

"We have chosen Beeline as a strong ally. We are happy that a successful and technological telecom-operator shares our visions and is ready for cooperation to create simple, comprehensible, and transparent products in Uzbekistan, together with us. Beeline channels make our innovative financial products accessible to a much broader audience in Uzbekistan”, TBC Bank’s commercial director Evgeni Vishnevski noted. The parties believe that similar cooperation is a huge potential for development and generating new ideas and approaches.

“Tight cooperation enables us to better understand the needs of our clients, to determine and offer more effective digital solutions”, Beeline Uzbekistan commercial director noted.