Posted: 3 years ago

Bank of Georgia Prepared Emergency Action Plan at Early Stage and Prioritized to Shape Safe Environment

Bank of Georgia has prepared a business continuity plan at the early stage and prioritized to create safe and healthy environment, Bank of Georgia deputy director general Levan Kulijanishvili told Business Partner.

Consequently, the whole working space and service centers have been prepared by recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), he added. As noted by Levan Kulijanishvili, to ensure social distancing and to promote this approach, Bank of Georgia launched trainings and active consultations so as clients use Bank of Georgia distant channels more frequently.

“We have proposed several initiatives in this direction and today our consumers are able to fulfill all services by the mobile bank platform free of charge. Furthermore, our mobile bank enables to fulfill transactions without the Internet connection”, Levan Kulijanishvili pointed out. Furthermore, Bank of Georgia has introduced several offers for the private sector.

As noted by Levan Kulijanishvili, the bank has offered a certain platformization process to small and medium business sectors so as they could introduce their products and services through the Bank of Georgia platforms. Bank of Georgia also provides consultations for the private sector in the brand management in emergency period and the ways for adaptation in new challenges.