Posted: 4 years ago

Bank of Georgia Introduces Unprecedented, Innovative Products in the Region

Bank of Georgia continues introducing innovative products in the Region. Having announced the year of 2020 as the time of innovations, the bank has introduced the so-called Face Recognition, that is, Pay by Smile service at Tbilisi Underground.

Meanwhile, the bank has introduced an entirely new product – Smartphone as a Terminal.

This signifies that the smartphones with Android platform will act as payment terminals. The new software will enable consumers to make payment everywhere, even there, where only cash payment were practiced previously.

Both private and business bodies will be able to make cashless payments. This innovation will promote business entrepreneurs to make payments by phone and the process will be more convenient, simple, flexible and rapid.

Payments can be carried out by cards of any commercial banks (VISA and MasterCard), as well as by Apple Pay and Tskapp applications, through making a single touch by the bank card or the phone.

Android 5.0 and higher systems with NFC platform support this innovation. Furthermore, businessmen, who do not have smartphones with the mentioned properties, are able to apply to Bank of Georgia, where they will receive phones with the appropriate support for a temporary use.

The innovative payment system is simple to use. Users should only download Google Play store application named as “Terminali”.

This innovative payment system has no analogue in the region and Bank of Georgia is the first that has introduced this innovation in the Caucasus.

“Bank of Georgia constantly introduces innovative products and services to provide more comfort for its clients. In 2019, we announced plans for introducing a series of new products and services for our clients and we keep our promises.

We are happy that we introduce innovative products adapted to consumer and business interests. Bank of Georgia serves more than 2 million clients and this is huge responsibility and therefore, it is important for us to promptly satisfy consumers’ demands and at the same time, foster busness sector’s future development”, the Bank of Georgia’s statement reads.