Posted: 4 years ago

Bank of Georgia Introduces Digital Card

Bank of Georgia has introduced its Digital Card to provide more comfort and safety for its clients. Digital Card is an alternative to a physical card with the same functions. Clients does not have to visit service centers to take the card.

The card is ordered at the internet banking in several seconds and it can be used immediately. This innovation is available on mobile application too.

The innovative and digital card enables the consumer to pay everywhere and withdraw money from Bank of Georgia ATMs (through Apple Pay or TSKAPP applications); make payments at both trade outlets and internet stores. The card enables to pay fares at transport, withdraw money from ATMs, transfer, save money, and convert money into other currency. The card enables to collect PLUS scores.

The digital card is a multicurrency platform that enables to keep accounts in GEL, USD and EUR simultaneously. The cardholder is able to choose either VISA or MasterCard for his/her digital card.