Posted: 8 months ago

Bank of Georgia and Caucasus University Launch Strategic Partnership

Bank of Georgia and Caucasus University have launched strategic cooperation. Under the signed memorandum, Caucasus University will merge with BOG university and 183 students of BOG will continue studies at Caucasus University. At the same time, the students will maintain all benefits that they had at BOG UNI.

The memorandum calls for combining resources, experience and qualifications of both universities to enable more students to receive high-quality education both in Georgia and abroad.

Caucasus University tightly cooperates with universities of Europe, USA and Asia and its students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs.

“Since foundation we make focus on providing high-quality education for our students. For many years, my team and I have been doing our best to make our university creditworthy and the best one in not only Georgia, but the whole eastern Europe. It is interesting challenge for us to have strategic cooperation with Bank of Georgia University students”, Kakha Shengelia, president of Caucasus University noted.

Promotion of education is our constant priority direction, Bank of Georgia deputy director general Levan Kulijanishvili said.

“The signed memorandum proves this. The strategic partnership agreement allows us to move to a fundamentally new phase of promoting education field. Bank of Georgia becomes a chosen financial institution and partner for Caucasus University for fulfilling very ambitions plans. This opportunity will enable Caucasus University to offer high-quality education for more students in Georgia. Merger of BOG University with Caucasus University enables higher school students to receive higher-quality education”, Levan Kulijanishvili noted.

It should be noted that Caucasus University unites 11 schools: business, law, media, technologies, state management, humanitarian and social sciences, tourism, medicines and healthcare, economics, education and doctoral schools.