Posted: 2 weeks ago

46% Growth: Nika Kurdiani Explains the Success of TBC UZ

In the first quarter of 2024, TBC UZ saw a significant increase in its business activities. The volume of loans issued rose by 127%, deposits grew by nearly 76%, and the company achieved a profit of 18.4 million GEL, marking an annual increase of almost 46%.

Nika Kurdiani, the General Director of TBC Uzbekistan, attributes these successful results to three main factors.

"First and foremost, this achievement is due to the excellent execution of our work and the outstanding team we have in Uzbekistan. Our TBC UZ team consists of people from 17 different nationalities, indicating that we employ individuals not only from Georgia and Uzbekistan but also from various parts of the world. This team has incredible skills and abilities," said Kurdiani. "The second main reason is related to the country itself. As you know, Uzbekistan has great growth potential. The third reason for our success is the strategy we have chosen. We follow it precisely and have clearly defined the steps needed for our development. The combination of these three factors has led to the results you mentioned."

Kurdiani also highlighted TBC's four-year presence in Uzbekistan, during which they have introduced three key companies: the digital bank TBC UZ, the large payment platform Payme, and Payme Nasiya, a significant lending platform.

"These three companies each have their own portfolio of products, but I'll give you a general overview: we have a large market share in P2P transactions and a strong performance in consumer loans. We offer deposit products, and our portfolio is almost entirely financed by local deposits. We also provide bank card services and are just beginning to issue credit cards. We will soon launch new products for businesses. Although we plan to introduce many interesting products, we already have a diverse portfolio.

Additionally, we are a significant player in the utility bill payment sector nationwide, with users choosing our applications for their transactions. This extensive range of existing products and upcoming projects is reflected in our financial report," Kurdiani concluded.