Posted: 1 year ago

24/7 Instant Interbank Transfers Now Possible With Bank of Georgia’s Mobile Banking

The Bank of Georgia, a premier financial institution recognized for its innovative approach, continues to pioneer cutting-edge products and services, making banking operations increasingly accessible and efficient for its clients.

In a groundbreaking move, the bank now offers its patrons the ability to seamlessly transfer money from any bank to their Bank of Georgia accounts instantly, an operation reflected immediately on the recipient's card.

To action this, users simply log onto Mobilbank and navigate to the payments/transfers page. From there, they select the 'deposit money' option, input the card details from which they wish to transfer funds, and specify the desired amount. Upon confirming the transaction, the sum is instantaneously reflected in their account. Notably, if a card is saved as a favorite, transactions can be executed automatically with a single click.

In a reciprocal manner, clients can also dispatch money from their Bank of Georgia account to any other bank at their convenience. This too will appear on the beneficiary's card immediately. To expedite the process, transfers can also be made using mobile numbers.

To carry out this feature, users select 'transfer to another bank', then 'transfer by mobile number', and indicate the recipient's mobile number along with the amount to be transferred. Once confirmed, the recipient's card will reflect the transferred sum instantly.

The beneficiary will receive an SMS detailing the amount transferred and the identity of the sender. A link will also be included in the message which, once clicked, will direct the recipient to Here, they can input the card details where the funds should be deposited. Upon confirmation, the money will reflect instantly on their card. Recipients have a 24-hour window to transfer the funds using the link. If a card is saved to favorites, the amount will be automatically credited to that card account for each subsequent transfer.