Posted: 7 years ago

Where to invest?

Most of the questions are usually about options to invest money profitably. Whereas there are a lot of them now, such as investing in real estate, in currency, in company shares, business, and so on.

Let's talk now about traditional investment methods.

Bank deposits

This is a conservative way of investing. The first thing that comes to mind when the question arises "where to invest? "and we all know and use the answer phrase as" if there is free money, you need to put it on deposit". Interest rates on deposits for all banks are approximately equally low. The more reliable the bank is, the lower the deposit interest will be. Perhaps this is where the pros end. Bank deposits have long ceased to be a way of investing since all your profits are diminished by inflation to zero. You have expenses for opening and maintaining such an account. You will not be able to withdraw money immediately without losses. Therefore, with a bank deposit, you slowly lose your money. It's probably just a little more reliable than keeping them under your pillow.

Investments in currency

Simply, we are talking about buying and selling currency. You can earn money by exchange difference, or just storing your money in a currency and ensuring that its grows will gain you earnings. It is most profitable to buy currency through a broker on the exchange. The exchange rate of buying and selling is much more profitable than what you saw in a bank or in an exchange office. Success will directly depend on your skills, if you have them. Many people lost their money by buying at the wrong time, before the fall in the exchange rate. Also, to buy at the stock exchange rate, you need special brokerage accounts. This is a good way to preserve your capital if you have the skills to work in such a market.

Gold trades

You can invest in raw materials, you can invest in furs and other valuable natural resources, and you can invest in gold. Each type of investment will have its pros and cons.

Gold, for example, is always valuable. A perpetual asset to invest in and it never lost its value. If you buy gold, for example, an ingot, you will have many questions: where to store it, how to quickly sell it if you need money? If you do not provide ideal storage for your capital, and scratch the ingot, then it will lose in value! In buying gold, it is important to buy it at a low cost. Take into account that unfinished property is much more profitable than completed property. So, the same is with gold. The best price for gold can be obtained before it is mined. That means, you can buy gold futures, with what you buy gold that has not yet been mined. Futures is a supply contract. Gold futures is a gold mining contract.

We wanted to learn more about this method and studied the existing companies on the market. There are many companies engaged in gold mining, but in order to buy unearthed gold together with them, you need a lot of capital. We found a company different from others, it deals with the collective purchase of unearthed gold.

The advantage of this method is that you can make a deal with a small amount. One of these companies is the Gold Bar Sale. Gold Bar Sale has developed its own platform that allows you to buy gold at a discount of up to 50% percent, and then sell it at the market price.

Property investments

One of the most popular investment methods. You need to keep in mind that this type of investment will require an impressive amount of capital. In addition, real estate needs to be chosen correctly, properly legalized and taken into account that over time, most likely, it will lose value. It is profitable to buy real estate only when it is not built or under construction, and sell it as soon as it is built.

Stock market investments

Shares are securities that a company issues in order to increase its capital. By buying shares, you are entitled to a portion of the company's income, as well as to the company management. Stocks can yield good returns under favorable circumstances. But there are also unfavorable scenarios in which there is a high probability of losing everything.

Assess your strengths, resources and risks properly and make a decision!