Posted: 4 years ago

Ukraine Allows Russian Plane to Use Its Air Space for 26 Minutes Despite Flight Ban

Ukraine allowed the plane of the Russian air company to temporarily use the air space in Lviv region, as Ukraerorukh reported.

The pilots of the Russian Globus Air Company's Boeing-738 REG–VQBMG appealed to Ukraine for permission to enter the air space. They were on their way from Bari to Moscow. They could suffer a big storm and tried to avoid it.
Ukraine allowed the plane to enter air space for the provision of the security. It flew over Lviv region. It is noted that the plane entered the Ukrainian air space at 3:07 p.m. and left it at 3:33 p.m.
“We acted within the international standards and recommended practice ICAO and decision of the Council on Flights Security of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine for the security of the air traffic and avoidance of the emergency during the flight. For Ukraerorukh as the national provider of the air navigation services, the security of the flights of the planes in the air space of Ukraine remains to be a priority,” the message said.