Posted: 6 years ago

Interview with math genius and successful capper Dollar Bill

How did you come to the betting?
It all started with the fact that I was madly in love with sports. Me and my grandfather, who by the way was a professional football player, spent a lot of time in fans stands and discussing sports events. There were even disputes! I was 13 years old when I could recite all the players by name, knew what kind of coffee they drink in the morning and what the names of their pets are. I was a real fan and didn't miss any match. My grandfather told me that very early I began to predict match outcomes for fun, when my mathematical education background was juxtaposed with this experience, I deepened into betting with my head. 

What caught you most in bookmaking at your journey beginning?
As a child, I realized that I love freedom very much!  After a string of big wins in 2013, I have had begun to realize that I would never have to work. I was doing what I love most and what I do best - to analyze and make money. After a while, I realized that sports betting would allow me to live the rest of my life carefree. But even this did not allow me to stop on achieved and I delved deeper into analytics too seriously.

What kind of personal qualities should a good capper have?
The first is self-discipline. The second is absolute dispassion and emotional indifference. Having psychological resilience and risk tolerance is the only way to survive in this business. Also, a professional capper should not only be able to make forecasts but also correctly manage his finance. Bets are mathematical expressions, and they should not be taken on a personal account. The problem with most bettors is that they do just the opposite

How do you beat bookmakers? What's a secret?
This is huge work. Analyzing an event, we take into account more criteria than bookmakers, we notice things that bookmakers do not pay enough attention to, considering it as a trifle, or simply not knowing that it must be taken into account, and as a result, these often fundamentally affect the outcome of the event.

So, for example, bookmaker companies evaluate football matches according to 15 indicators, and my team and I evaluate football matches according to 83 criteria, which allows us to see the bookmaker companies' mistakes. We cool-minded hit such weak points, mistakes and earn a decent amount of money from it.

So, for example, in tennis, we take into account the tennis court coverage, the gameplay style, relative opponents' height to each other, under which hand a particular player plays, how convenient or inconvenient it is for the opponent, and so on.

 We even keep track of how the player got to the match. So, for example, was it a flight by plane, was the flight was before the game, and, moreover, if the player is tall, we assume that the flight was given him hard and it will affect the game definitely not in his favor.

Do bookmaker companies have their own tricks?
Haha, yes, not all bookmaker companies were ready to work with me, but there were those that accepted my bets only in order to keep track of which strategy I was using, to change the odds in their favor as a result.

What were the bad moments in the work? Maybe there is something you regret? 
My mistakes are the best and strongest part of me, they are my experience and my unique solutions in such situations that no one will take away from me, so I never regret anything, except for a fact that I didn`t put together my cool team earlier. 

There was a moment when, after 3 years of active event analysis, I decided that I could automate the sports event analytics and spent a lot of effort and resources on creating such software. The fact is that when you review each event, you learn, identify the important, test the factors, where the program is devoid of all this. You can improve it infinitely, but overall it still will not give the result that your head will give you.

How many bets do you place?
Up to 10 rates per day.

Is it several thousand bets per year?
Yes, our team makes about 3000-4000 bets per year.

What kind of sports do you specialize in?
We understand more about most sports, but we have much more competencies in football, basketball, tennis, and hockey. We consistently conduct interviews with new specialists to expand our competencies and capabilities. 

Our team tries to participate only in those leagues where they can conduct full analytics. If we talk about football, then these are the Premier League, Spanish Primera, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Champions League. If it is basketball, we are interested in the NBA, Euroleague, in hockey - in the NHL and KHL and in tennis - WTA tournaments, Grand Slam tournaments, ATP 250, 500, 1000 tournaments. 

Name five most important betting beginners' mistakes.

There are actually a lot more than 5, but I'll call the first ones that come to my mind. 

The first mistake. Starting to bet, people first look to the search for various strategies, which are plenty on the Internet, and immediately try out to test in real money. Bookmaker companies specifically promote such strategies in order to earn as much money as possible on the deliberate loss of people.

Second mistake. Illiterate distribution of their bank. Many people put 50 or 100% of their bank on one bet, but we do not allow ourselves to do this. According to the regulations of our company, we can bet from 1 to 10% of our bank on one bet. 

Third mistake. Excitement. When they lose, people experience pain, sometimes, for many, it hurts more than physical pain. The non-professional bettor loses control of his emotions and tries to get rid of pain in every possible way. As a rule, such players turn off their common sense and they try to win back in the next 1-2 hours. For them, the level of their competence in this event is not important, they just hope for good luck. This strategy can be effective 1-2 times. It doesn't work over long terms. In such situations, we recommend you be patient, regain control over your emotions and wait for a match in which you are well versed. Even if you have to wait a few days.  

The fourth mistake. Each of us has our own favorite team. For example, I have been a fan of Borussia (Dortmund) since I was a child. We all love to watch our favorite team matches with great pleasure and many people like to place bets on their games. Before the game starts, we are always sure that our team will win today. We can't even afford to think that she might lose today. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. Therefore, it is very important to be able to share the love for the team and the desire to make money. If you want to make money betting, you have to have rules that you follow. 

Fifth mistake. The biggest money bookmaker companies make from greedy players. The most greedy players love express bets (multiples).

What is multiples? 
You are immediately seen that you are far from betting. Multiples - is when your bet wins or not, depends on the result of not only one, but on the several events. Even if one result is not correct, the bet is lost. People love express bets because they can hit the jackpot. Multiples gives you the opportunity to win a lot of money, due to the increased risk. But there isn`t any professional bettor on the planet who would earn at least $1,000,000 on an multiples bet.

What are the most important values for you?

My family and my environment are very important to me. I have three children and I want them to grow up with a notion of the reality surrounding them, to receive a good education and also I want them not to need anything. I have a spouse whom I love, parents I care about, I want them not to need anything either so that they have a happy life, a lot of travel, and much more free time.

I`m also doing everything to ensure to keep my team always in abundance so that they can take care of their family as well as I do. 

What are your goals for your new project Anticrisis?

I've always been involved in charity. I have been building my life and the well-being of my family for a long time, and now the thought does not leave me that with my knowledge I can help a huge number of people, make their lives better, more convenient, more comfortable, make them get rid of financial debts that weigh on them, find freedom of choice, realize their long-standing dreams.

I plan that by 2019 our project will have 1,000,000 satisfied users who would able to find financial freedom, quit their unloved job, and close their debts. I like the idea that a huge number of people will get real freedom.

Do you really want to say you're only doing this for the people?

Any activity should bring profit, and, of course, I earn on all my projects, but this does not comparablee with the emotions I feel because I could help people. When I was little, we lived very poorly. There wasn't much food, and I was wearing clothes that came from our relatives and neighbors. There were people who helped our family get back on its feet and it gave me a hope and a strong impetus to growth. At the same time, I promised myself that when I started earning enough, I would also become such a person for other people, start helping them and give them hope. This all just because I don't like to eat bread alone.