Posted: 7 months ago

Wine Market is Regulated by Demand and Nobody can Affect the Price

Nutsa Abramishvili, the Director General of Schuchmann Wines, says the demand for Rkatsiteli is regulated by market demand and supply, and in this case the Government cannot control all wine cellars. 

“Restaurants buy bulk wins from small wine cellars, and this mechanism encourage peasants, because they can sell their wines. Rkatsiteli is sold because it is widely accepted variety at a table, it is cheap, and restaurants prefer to buy this variety. I mean, basic restaurants, not high quality restaurants. Similar restaurants mainly trade in bottled wines. As for the control of bulk wine, in this case, the government does not have such material-technical resources and mechanisms to examine all wine cellars and all qvevris. The price of Rkatsiteli will be saved by two factors, sellers and buyers. The market is regulated by demand. Nobody can affect the price. Restaurants should revise their own price policy themselves. All restaurants have sommeliers for tasting wines, and consequently, they can add good products to their restaurants if they prioritize this”, Nutsa Abramishvili said.