Posted: 1 month ago

Wine Diamond is Planning to Open a Store in New York

Wine stone jewelry brand "Wine Diamond" had an exhibition and sale in New York, Manhattan. As the founder of the brand, Tamuna Abuladze reports, the exhibition sale raises expectations for export to the states in the future.

"The wine stone jewelry was well received by both Georgians and foreigners. Plans have been made to visit California in the future. In addition, the exhibition created an opportunity to increase sales in the US.

Wine jewelry is a novelty, when they learned about this product, they were surprised how such solid jewelry could be made from this raw material. It is good that they have information about Georgia and Georgian wine.

Our goal is to establish "wine jewelry" as a separate direction. a direction that will have followers" says Tamuna Abuladze at

The founder of "Wine Diamond" also discussed her startup plans and noted that in the future they want to open a branded store in Paris and New York.

"Now we sell jewelry in small shops in Japan, New York, France, and Estonia. This is a future plan that will involve a lot of money, but we want to open stores in New York and Paris. Our visits also serve this purpose," said the founder.