Posted: 3 years ago

Wine College to Open in Kakheti Region

Wine College will open in Kakheti Region in 2021. As noted by Davit Partsvania, director of the Educational and Research Development Agency, modern and innovative hubs will also open in Samegrelo and Guria Regions with the aim to incentivize young people to stay in the region and get engaged in local development.

The project will be implemented in Senaki and Ozurgeti. "Main part of the projects have been already finished. The equipping process is underway. Workshops will be built in many regions.

We have already announced a tender for promoting forcibly displaced persons. Namely, construction works of a wooden products workshop will start in the village of Potskho-Etseri in January 2021. A wood processing plant will be also built, where local residents will be employed”, Davit Partsvania noted.