Posted: 4 years ago

VVINE – Online Wine-making as 2.0 Version of Vineyard

Bacho Khachidze and his friend, Ilia Datunashvili came up with this idea in Kakheti, during Rtveli, which they conveyed in one sentence:

“Grow a vine anywhere in Georgia in your friend’s or your name and receive a bottle of wine from your very own vineyard”

Filled with enthusiasm, the authors of global startup Treepex became business partners of Leavingstone.

“The very first task was to create New Year’s campaign, perhaps, we all understood that the experience and image of the brand were not strong enough, but had the potential of it. So we decided to contribute our resources not only in one campaign but also in an entire brand. The whole team of “Leavingstone” worked on the strategy, name, website and visual identity of the brand. Now, we are managing communication in social media and planning further steps.”, noted Marika Khantadze. 

Thus, the idea transformed into the platform – VVINE – first online winegrowing, as 2.0 version of viticulture in the digital epoch.

“The main idea of VVINE is to rethink the traditions and connect new generation with centennial values. We believe that with the synthesis of the newest and eldest, we will embellish the history with something important. The mission of the brand is to popularize viticulture. Nowadays, wine is in the center of attention in Georgia and sometimes we forget, that our main product is Vitis, which we water and fertilize and giving people the opportunity, which is having Vitis remotely.

How the VVINE works?

VVine has three categories:

  • Grow a vine in your name
  • Grow a vine in your friend’s name
  • Save a nearly extinct grape variety

After finding out which field is the user interested in, instantly he/she is involved in innumerable possibilities.

  • The user points out the region, where he/she wants to grow the vine (only Kakheti region is available so far, however, other regions will be added soon);
  • User chooses the types of vine (He/she can also choose endangered types of vines, such as Khikhvi and Shavkapito, which will be added to the list soon);
  • After choosing the right type of vine, the website instantly generates the vine type, which will be sent on the user’s indicated address;
  • The next step is choosing etiquette;
  • The final step involves wrapping the bottle. Apart from standard wrapping, user can choose an interactive box, on which the phases of vine growing are indicated.

After finishing the order, user will get the passport of vine on his/her email with the photo and vine ID number.

How to become online vine-grower?

The user can get the status of Online Vine-grower if he/she will be the annual follower of VVINE.

VVINE is not oriented on individual orders but it can also give an opportunity to the companies to have its private vineyard.

The authors think, that VVINE is the startup that has global potential. Therefore, they plan to develop it in Europe.