Posted: 3 years ago

Vintage 2020 Underway in Kakheti Region; Forecast Harvest is about 300,000 Tons

The Vintage 2020 has started in Kakheti Region. As BM.GE was told at the National Wine Agency, as for August 26, winemaking companies have processed over 200 tons of grapes.

At this stage, the vintage coordination center has already registered about 50 companies that will engage in the process gradually.
This year farmers expect to pick 300,000 tons of grapes in Kakheti Region.
The processed grapes are registered through special software in the united database and any citizen is able to see updated information in online regime

We remind you that under the government’s decision, winemaking companies will be subsidized by 30 Tetri if they pay at east 80 Tetri for a kilogram of Rkatsiteli or Kakhuri Mtsvane grapes. Furthermore, the minimum volume of the purchase must be 1,000 tons.