Posted: 3 years ago

Vintage 2019 Organizational Issues Discussed at the Meeting

The Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Levan Davitashvili, discussed the vintage 2019 organizational issues at the meeting with the representatives of the wine industry.

"In recent years, a great deal of successful cooperation between the state and the private sector has accumulated. Last year, entrepreneurs and winemakers, managed to reach agreements and hold vintage smoothly without the interference of the state. Like the last year, the state will not regulate the price of grapes, and the vintage 2019 will not be subsidized. Accordingly, the National Wine Agency will be involved in the process of vintage organization, accountability and tracking of the harvest "said Levan Davitashvili.

As the Minister noted at the meeting of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, during vintage 2019 in viticulture regions of Kvareli and Gurjaani municipalities, viticulturists and wine companies will be able to deliver grapes of preserved appellation microzones -  "Kindzmarauli", "Akhasheni",  "Kvareli" and "Mukuzani" only on the bases of cadaster extract. This will facilitate the simplification and transparency of the vintage process, as well as an increase of Georgian wine quality, which is especially important for the stable development of the sector. It should be noted that the high quality of wine is the main factor for increasing the competitiveness of Georgian wine.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the National Wine Agency Levan Mekhuzla noted that the proper policy of the sector development, new approaches and active communication with the private sector have greatly developed the wine industry. In cooperation with the representatives of the wine industry, the Agency will manage to improve the quality of Georgian wine and establish Georgian wines in the premium segment on the international market.

The meeting was held in question-answer mode. The heads of wine companies shared their remarks and opinions with the Minister. Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture talked about all important issues for wine sector representatives in details.
The meeting held at the National Wine Agency was attended by Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia Giorgi Khanishvili and Chairman of the National Wine Agency Levan Mekhuza.