Posted: 4 years ago

Vineyard to Listen to Music Provided By Wine Brand Vismino

Vismino is the wine brand, the name “vismino” is translated to “have to listen” from Georgian, perfectly transmitting the essence of the brand, and inviting all ‘listeners’ to enjoy the experience.

Different scientific theories confirm that music plays a huge role in the growth of plants. According to Masaru Emoto, sounds can have a big influence on different substantials, for instance, water or plants. Vibrations can change the structure of water crystals with its frequency, tonality, and characteristics.

"The terroirs represent the greatest asset and treasure of Georgia. Terroirs is the combination of the weather, the soil, and the wine. In Georgia, this combination is frequently ideal for high-quality winemaking. Only one element is missing, the music." Winemaker Philip Lespy noted.

Vismino is established in 2016. Bottles wrapping are created by the theories, which represent the connection of sounds and colors altogether.