Posted: 1 year ago

Racha Wine Produced by Chini Exported to Kenya

"Chini" company, based in Bugeuli village, produces Racha wine and is expanding export markets. They have recently exported a small amount to Kenya.

"Last year we were able to start a relationship with Kenya, which is quite unusual, because, as you know, mainly Eastern European countries are interested in Georgian wine.

We managed to contact Kenya through personal contacts, the partners have big plans, the documentation is already prepared and we sent a small quantity, which had a pretty good feedback. We hope to deepen this cooperation in 2023", said Davit Matsaberidze.

The company also cooperates with America and conducts negotiations with Poland. At the same time, Matsaberidze says that their main export market was Ukraine, after losing which they are trying to distribute their products to different countries.

For information, there are currently more than 300 tons of wine in the stock of "Chini", which is gradually being sold both on local and international markets.