Posted: 2 weeks ago

Liber Pater’s Wine in Georgia - Joint Plans by Askaneli Brothers and Loic Pasquet

French winemaker Loic Pasquet, owner of French wine company Liber Pater plans to arrange vineyards in Georgia by use of modern technologies and management techniques in order to produce new high-quality unique wines.

The French winemaker will cooperate with Georgian winemaking company Askaneli Brothers and its founder Gocha Chkhaidze. To this end, Loic Pasquet has arrived in Georgia, visited various regions of the country, saw various terroirs, and tasted wines. As a result, he has already prepared a plan for what to do to make Georgian wine a global brand. “We have tripped to all regions of Georgia. We have explored the current winemaking methods and prepared a specific plan. I will visit Georgia in the future too, including in September to examine the vintage process. Though Georgia is an important country in the global wine industry and this is a key aspect. It is an abnormal situation when such unique wines are not sold for higher prices”, Loic Pasquet noted. Not quality, but invaluable marketing and strategy create key problems for Georgia wines. Georgia makes focus on wrong markets, on only neighboring countries, not on Europe, he said.

“Georgian wines have reached the historical moment because we have achieved what we had dreamt of earlier. I feel that we can achieve this goal”, Askaneli Brothers founder Gocha Chkhaidze said. Together with Askaneli Brothers Loic Pasquet will create a new Georgian wine under the brand of Liber Pater.