Posted: 1 year ago

Less Regulation, More Competition: Winemaker Iago Bitarishvili's Vision for Georgia's Wine Industry

Winemaker Iago Bitarishvili believes that regulations have a negative impact on businesses, increasing bureaucracy, time, and costs.

He argues that regulations should not require businesses to prove their efficacy, but instead should be introduced with a clear explanation of how they will benefit the industry, entrepreneurs, and the state. Bitarishvili cites the example of the wine sector, where he believes that a free market approach has led to greater development and competitiveness. In the past, the industry was heavily regulated, with only a few wineries represented in stores. Today, there are over 200-300 wineries represented in stores, and the market has become healthier and more competitive as a result. Bitarishvili's own vineyard, "Iagos Marani," produces organic wine using traditional Georgian methods.

Iagos Marani" produces approximately 7000-8000 bottles of wine per year, using traditional Georgian methods in kvevri.

Bitarishvili believes that the wine industry has a lot of potential for growth and development, particularly in terms of exports. He notes that the industry has brought significant income to the country's economy in the past, and that a free market approach could help to increase exports and quality even further. Ultimately, Bitarishvili believes that a less regulated market will encourage more businesses to enter the industry, leading to greater competition and innovation.