Posted: 4 months ago

Lagvani Cellar is Planning to Open a Wine Shop in Spring

"Lagvani Cellar'' is a women-owned winery that produces various types of Kvevri organic wine.

Sanata Tsitsuashvili tells "Business Partner" hows he ended up in the wine business from being a lawyer.

"The family has owned vineyards for years, which my father, mother and I tended together. In fact, we used to farm vineyards, we brought the harvest, which we handed over to local wineries. Then the events developed in such a way that the order of the day was to sell the vineyards, although despite many challenges, I changed the decision to sell in a moment. I took a loan, bought pitchers and started building a cellar in 2018."

At this stage, "Lagvani Cellar" produces Kakhur Green, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi and Kis. The cellar combines a small tasting space, a warehouse, a kitchen and all the necessary equipment.

"I have three vineyards, all three are located in Akhmeta, although I buy some varieties of grapes from locals. Mainly 3 people are employed, although we occasionally employ 10 people when there is a need. The tastings are led by me and the winemaker. As I mentioned, we produce organic wine. Old Kakhuri method, 6 months chacha Aging on claret. We age wine in kvevri for more than a year, so we use this period mainly for extra tours. We also often hold literary evenings and exhibitions in our space.

Both the visuals of the bottle and the wine are of the highest quality. Twice a year I conduct laboratory research, after that I pour it into a bottle. I sell it for 50 GEL and the demand is really there and the sales are increasing. In addition to the fact that "Lagvani" wine is available in several locations in the local market, we sent samples to America and Poland," says Sanata Tsitsuashvili.

According to her, the cellar's future plans are quite big. A small cottage was built, where it is planned to open a birch house, as a result, tourists will be able to directly participate in the processes.

"I have a commercial space where I will reconstruct it in the spring and I will have a wine shop and salon. In my plans, export has the main place. My goal is to produce a better product every year than the previous year. The most high-quality, biologically clean, as well as the visit to the wine cellar will be unforgettable and special for all guests, and the master classes will be memorable. "- says the founder of "Lagvani Cellar".

The project was implemented with private investment and partially through grants received in various projects.