Posted: 1 year ago

International Wine & Spirits Competition Revealed its Winners

The winners of the IWSC are revealed. Out of 487 types of wine registered in the competition, the gold medal was awarded to sixteen of them.

For the first time in history, more than 150 Georgian companies had the opportunity to win an internationally recognized award in their own country. The wine samples presented in the competition were evaluated by the international and local jury, according to the British Master of Wine, the medal winning wine is a step forward for any Georgian winemaker.

"When purchasing wine, professional wine buyers attach great importance to the medal. For winemakers to receive an international award, the procedure for transporting and sending samples abroad is a difficult barrier. Participation in an internationally recognized competition within the country is an unprecedented opportunity for Georgian manufacturers. In addition, it is a great opportunity that well-known and outstanding British experts will share their experience with Georgian winemakers," said wine master Sarah Abbott.

According to the brand ambassador of IWSC Wine Judging in Georgia, IWSC is distinguished by its many years of history.

"We know many international wine competitions around the world, but IWSC stands out for its many years of history. IWSC is an international wine competition with a 50-year history. They try to discover new talents in the field of wine for the world to know. The competition is in one of the leading positions worldwide. The jury that evaluates the wine is represented by world-class winemakers, sommeliers and buyers. Holding the competition in Georgia will contribute to raising awareness of Georgian wine and its entry into the international arena," said Mariam Gujabidze, brand ambassador of IWSC Wine Judging in Georgia.

For information, the IWSC competition was founded in 1969 by the Austrian wine chemist, Anton Massel. The best wine producing companies are awarded in the competition with a 50-year history.