Posted: 7 months ago

Harvest Continues in Lechkhumi Expecting 700 Tons of Grapes

In Tsageri municipality, the population delivers grapes to wine companies without interruption.

As of October 27, wine companies have received up to 134 tons of grapes. According to the preliminary forecast, up to 700 tons of grapes will be harvested in the Tsageri region this year.

At this stage, 12 wineries collect grapes from the local population. In Tsageri municipality, reception points are operating at 10 locations.

The vintage 2022 is reaching an end successfully. Throughout the country, the grape harvest is settled. At this stage, 246 thousand tons of grapes have been processed throughout the country. The vintage is also completed in the Racha region, where 1570 tons of Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes have been processed.

The state's promise that the harvest would be organized and all the growers would be able to accommodate the harvest without interruption has been fulfilled.