Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Wine and Spirits Exports to the USA to Increase Employment and Enlarge Vineyards

Bolero & Co. plans to launch exports of Georgian wines and brandy spirits to the US market in the near future.

Following its 7-year cooperation with Dessantier et Fille French company, the company entered the US market.

‘We will take all efforts to deliver Georgian wines to the US market. We have long-term plan, but we will try to deliver the first consignment in the near future. Our exports to the USA implies larger vineyards, higher employment and so on. Boleri company plans to export all sorts of strong dinks, starting from wines and ending with spirits. Growing exports brings success to the whole country and field. We started cooperation with France 7 years ago and we successfully supply brandy spirits to this country. We produce top quality products and our products are very competitive”, Boleri&Co director general Irakli Bekauri noted.