Posted: 3 years ago

Georgia Wines under COVID Pressure

The COVID-10 pandemic has narrowed Georgia’s wine exports by 5-6%, while the value of exports declined by 12%. As noted by the National Wine Agency director Levan Mekhuzla, the slowdown pace accelerated in the second quarter. Exports primarily declined to China and Russia.

„Exports slowdown mainly decreased in these two countries. Exports zeroed to China in April-May, while now we have a 30% downturn in our exports to China and a 10% plunge to Russia. Though, we have balanced the export indicators at the expense of other countries. On the whole, our exports have declined by 5-6%. Regretfully, we have an essential contraction in terms of export value, almost 12%. We know that the price of Georgia wines used to grow year to year, but now the pricing is under the pressure”, Levan Mekhuzla noted.

Excluding Russia and China, other export market record encouraging tendencies, he noted.

“Our exports to the USA are identical to the 2019 indicators. Slight growth is recorded in Great Britain, while essential growth is recorded in East European countries, where Georgian wines are sold at supermarkets”, Levan Mekhuzla told the Business Partner’s Four TV Program.