Posted: 10 months ago

Georgia Showcased as Honored Guest at Daejeon International Wine Festival in Korea

With the endorsement of the National Wine Agency, Georgia distinguished itself as this year's honored guest at the Daejeon International Wine Festival in the Republic of Korea. Sixteen Georgian wine producers—ranging from established enterprises to boutique wineries—were spotlighted at the event.

Tarash Papasqua, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Korea, graced the festival with his presence. The exhibition served as an invaluable platform for the diversification of Georgian wine exports.

Spanning three days, the event afforded Georgian vintners the unique opportunity to introduce their offerings to South Korean wine connoisseurs and professionals. Such exposure is considered pivotal for generating interest in Georgian wines, thereby fostering potential for increased sales.

Participants from Georgia assessed the South Korean market as promising for their wines, ranking it alongside other Asian markets like China and Japan. It's worth noting that the inaugural presentation of Georgian wines in the Republic of Korea transpired in 2015 during the Seoul International Wines and Spirits Expo.