Posted: 4 months ago

Export of Georgian Wines Hits Record High in 2021

According to the National Wine Agency, Georgian wine was presented at roughly 80 degustation events, 3 festivals, 2 exhibitions, and 2 "Georgian Wine Forum" in the following countries: USA, UK, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, South Korea, and Japan in 2021.

The National Wine Agency has provided up to 5,600 bottles of wine to be presented at events in these countries.

In addition, with the support of the National Wine Agency, events were held in Georgia to promote Georgian wine: New Wine Festival 2021, WinExpo Georgia 2021, and the second Saperavi International Competition.

"Exports of Georgian wine and alcoholic beverages has a steady upward tendency - in 2021, 107 million bottles of wine were exported from Georgia to 62 countries around the world, and in total, exports of Georgian wine, brandy, chacha, and bottled brand earned up to $400 million, which is the highest rate throughout the period of independent Georgia.", noted the National Wine Agency.