Posted: 2 months ago

Color as Character of Wine — Pery

Pery, a Georgian wine brand established by Rezi Tsetskhladze, has brought a vivid burst of color to the wine industry. With its inception marked by a bold yellow label on a bottle of dry, white Rkatsiteli, Pery has since introduced three additional hues to its lineup.

This innovative branding approach, rooted in visual taste representation, has quickly captured the attention of both local and international wine enthusiasts.

Two years into the market, Pery's venture, starting from a modest 1000 GEL, now boasts an annual production of 20,000 bottles, available in 150 outlets across Georgia. Its unique and contemporary branding has not just appealed to locals but has also intrigued foreign connoisseurs.

Simplicity in Logo and Label Design

Pery's logo, embodying the essence of a vine, reflects the brand's philosophy of keeping things simple yet significant. "We opted for a minimalist vine logo to avoid overloading the design and shifting focus from the colors," explains Tsetskhladze. This simplicity extends to the label, where a wavy cut symbolizes the lively and vibrant taste profile of the wines, accentuated by a defining acidity.

Innovative Cap Design

The brand's commitment to individuality is evident in its unconventional cap design. Each bottle's decanting is hand-done, ensuring that no two bottles are visually identical. "This aspect of individualism is crucial to us. It’s about embracing the unpredictable and personalizing each bottle," Tsetskhladze adds.

Color as a Central Theme

Pery's palette comprises white, red, pink, and amber, each representing a unique flavor profile and emotional resonance. The yellow label, for example, evokes citrusy and tropical notes, symbolizing brightness and warmth. In contrast, the purple label suggests a more mysterious ambiance, ideal for intimate settings with a backdrop of jazz.

The amber-colored dry Kisi is akin to a stroll through sunlit orange groves, while the rosé dry Saperavi is an ode to life's rosy moments, akin to a Wes Anderson cinematic experience.

Philosophy of Simplicity

"For me, simplicity is key," Tsetskhladze remarks. "Our wines are designed to be approachable, communicative, and honest in their character."

While specific future plans remain under wraps, Tsetskhladze hints at exciting developments ahead for Pery. This innovative approach to wine branding not only marks Pery's distinct identity in the wine world but also challenges traditional perceptions, offering a fresh, colorful perspective on enjoying wine.