Posted: 3 months ago

UNWTO Calls for Peace and to Suspend Russia

UNWTO Secretary-General Pololikashvili called for Russia to be removed as a member of the World Tourism Organization today.

Just on Thursday last week the World Tourism Network (WTN) called for a United Voice and Smart Guidance for World Peace.

On February 16, the World Tourism Network reminded industry leaders and Global Tourism Resilience day of its responsibility as a Guardian of World Peace on Global Resilience Day?

This reminder was heard by UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili in Geneva, Switzerland last week, where UNWTO had concluded a week of meetings securing strong backing for its call to ease travel and enhancing strategic partnerships to define the future of tourism. UNWTO also emphasized that diplomacy is the only option to man-made problems and amplified tourism’s voice for peace and international solidarity.