Posted: 2 weeks ago Reports an Increase in Number of Travelers Planning their Trips Independently

The director of the travel company states that at this stage the rates of domestic travelers have recovered by 35% compared to 2019, while prices for tourist services have increased by 20%.

As for international travelers, Niko Gogoladze says that according to the new trend, tourists enter the country without the help of agencies, which significantly reduces the demand for tourist services.

"Demand for cooperation with travel companies has decreased in partner countries - the Baltics, Poland, other European countries. Part of the bookings in standby mode also stopped. Against this background, the so-called number of solo travelers, ie travelers who independently book an apartment and plan a tour increased. Today, either independent tourists or those who stay in big hotels enter the country.

As for Georgian consumers, the recovery rate compared to 2019 is a third. They are always looking for discounts, ”said Niko Gogoladze, director of