Posted: 1 month ago

TAV Georgia: Ukrainian Market was Very Important to Us

The Ukrainian market is represented by 30% at Batumi Airport and 12% at Tbilisi International Airport, therefore, we have delays in this direction, - Tea Zakaradze, General Manager of TAV Georgia said.

Zakaradze noted that the war in Ukraine changed the company's plans.

"After more or less dealing with the pandemic challenges, we will face the war in Ukraine. Quite a few Ukrainian companies are our partners. The Ukrainian market is represented by 30% in Batumi and 12% at the Tbilisi International Airport, so this was a very important market for us, especially in Batumi.

As you know, we have invested in Batumi, opened a new flight terminal, and had a few other calculations, but it is very unfortunate that this is happening and we hope that this problem will be solved very soon and passengers will be able to travel comfortably everywhere to Ukraine," Tea Zakaradze said.