Posted: 3 months ago

Russian and Belarusian Athletes were Removed from Bakuriani Competitions

Russian athletes who arrived at the Bakuriani skiing and snowboarding tournament have already left Georgia.

The competitions of the World Cup were supposed to start with skiing and snowboarding in Bakuriani on March 3-6, however, due to bad weather, the tournament was postponed. The Georgian Ski Federation hopes that they will be able to hold the finals at least on weekends.

"Up to 30 sportsmen have arrived. 180 was supposed to arrive, though many federations canceled visits for safety reasons. The federation did not recommend postponing the tournament completely, so it is held, but it is very modest, without any music or pomp, ”Eka Gabashvili told Mtis Ambebi.

A statement from the International Ski Federation (FIS) said: "The Council has considered the recommendation of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee that international federations should not allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete in their tournaments. The Council expresses its deep and sincere hope that the conflict in Ukraine will end soon and that the international sports community will soon be able to continue tournaments with the participation of all athletes and the country. As a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian Ski Federation, the International Federation will provide immediate financial, logistical and technical assistance to Ukrainian athletes and teams until they are able to return home peacefully."

Restrictions for Russian and Belarusian athletes will continue until the end of the 2021-2022 season. The FIS is also appealing to national ski associations to help athletes travel from Russia and Belarus to their home countries.