Posted: 1 week ago

Rehabilitation of One of the Most Extreme Roads Begins in Tusheti

The 72 km Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road safety upgrade project has begun. The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure's Department of Roads will carry out the project.
According to their information, the Tusheti road project is divided into 8 sections. The tender has already been announced for the road traffic safety improvement works of the first 13.5 km section of the road. In August, the tender will be announced for the works of another 14.7 km section.
The agency explains that the total indicative cost of works on the 28.2 km section of the road will be ₾49 million. By the end of this year, the tender will be announced for the works of all sections of the Tusheti road.
The project envisages the restoration of the profile of the road, the arrangement of aqueducts, waterways and artificial structures, the complete restoration of the technical means of traffic regulation, the widening of the vacant land, within the limits of the possibility, and the arrangement of bumpy barriers to ensure the safety of traffic.
The only access road to Tusheti is the Pshaveli-Omalo highway, which starts from the village of Pshaveli in the Telavi municipality and connects to Omalo through the Abano pass. Due to the difficult terrain and meteorological conditions, moving on the road is possible for about 4-5 months of the year.
The road safety improvement project of the Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road will be completed gradually in 2025. The total indicative cost of the project will be ₾100 million.