Posted: 1 month ago

New Tourism Attraction Center to Open at Chirukhi Mountain

Adjara Tourism Department is developing the Chirukhi Mountain tourism development concept.

At the working meeting that was held at the Adjara Tourism Department, about 10 concept with various content and scales were discussed, including extreme, adventure and agro tourism development concepts and the required tourism infrastructure projects.

By creating new tourism products and infrastructure at Chirukhi Mountain, in Shuakhevi Municipality, a new tourism attraction center will be shaped. The Tourism Products Development Agency of the Adjara Tourism Department started working on the project this year. In 10 days we will have the final variant of the Chirukhi Mountain tourism development concept. Based on this concept, we will design a infrastructural project and its management and administration plan. The working meeting at the Department was attended by the Adjara Tourism Department chairman, the Finance and Economy Minister, Deputy Minister on Tourism Issues, Shuakhevi Mayor and representative of local community.

Chirukhi Mountain is located in Shuakhevi Municipality, 2050 meters above the sea.