Posted: 8 months ago

Local Lore Museum to be Built in Racha

The winner company to construct Oni Museum in Racha has been identified. The Bidding was conducted by the Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI). 

Construction of Oni Museum is being executed  with financial support from the Government of Georgia and its tentative cost amounts to GEL 5.5 million.  

There will be arranged the conference hall, museum depository, library, media center and educational space for children at the new two-story museum of Oni. The building will be of modern and international standards and will be completely adapted for the people with disabilities. The vicinity site to the Museum will be arranged as well.   
The Local Lore Museum of Oni was opened in 1984 in Oni, however the Museum had been left actually under an open air due to heavy earthquake of 1991 and wealthy collection of exhibits being there have been placed at an emergency building as of to date. There are preserved the archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic and arts samples of significant cultural heritage value, as well as the ancient printed books, photos, manuscripts, historical documents and various minor collections, reliefs of churches and lapidary stones with inscriptions, at the Museum. There are 14 000 basic and auxiliary exhibits in total there that have been preserved under inappropriate conditions for years.
Development of tourist infrastructure throughout the regions will boost the economic enhancement of the region and provide the new opportunities for the region and its population that will not only keep the residents of the region but assist to their returning too.