Posted: 5 months ago

Latest Report: 459 Hotels Comply with Post-Pandemic Standards

In order to prevent COVID-19 spread, the Georgian Government has prepared and enforced special mandatory regulations for the tourism industry, including for accommodation facilities. The new regulations set new rules for social distancing, disinfection works, doing rooms, and other requirements.

All hotels wishing to continue operation must satisfy the approved recommendations and pass registration in the special electronic system on the Health Ministry’s official website. Afterward, Labor Inspection will examine hotels and in case of a positive conclusion, accommodation facilities will be authorized to resume operation.

As for June 24, the Health Ministry has registered 1,675 applications for the resumption of economic activities. Labor Inspection has inspected 1,331 hotels, of which 459 hotels have satisfied due requirements, 291 hotels turned out incompliant with the new standards.

After the inspection procedures, information on hotel compliance will be updated in the database of the National Tourism Administration. The list of hotels is available on this link.