Posted: 3 months ago

Investors Show Interest in Dashbash Canyon and Tbilisi National Park

„For the first time in Georgia, an investor expressed interest in putting money in arranging a protected area. This signifies the Government will be freed from an investing obligation and the business will gradually enter into management”, Niko Tevdorashvili, head of Marketing and PR service of Agency of Protected Areas, told the Business Morning.

In 2019 fifty-three infrastructural projects worth 7 million GEL will be implemented in Georgia, he added.
“We had announced auction for Dashbash canyon and the Government was ready to pay 2.5 million GEL in its development, but an investor has appeared, who shows willingness to invest tens of millions of Georgia, arrange ecotourism infrastructure and develop new opportunities in Tsalka. As a result, new center of attraction will be created.
The project is being designed and certain works will be carried out by 2020”, Niko Tevdorashvili said.
As to Tbilisi National Park, another investor will put 20 million GEL in this project.
“The invested money should be retuned through development of services. As a result, money will be put in development of new infrastructure and nature protection, he added.