Posted: 1 week ago

Imereti to Establish New Protected Area of Unique Biodiversity

According to the decision made at the government session, another protected area will be created in Georgia.

The initiative of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture and the LEPL Agency for Protected Areas to create a new protected area was approved at a government meeting today.

In Upper Imereti, Sachkhere municipality, Kvereti reserve will be established on 14 797 hectares.

The creation of a new protected area will ensure the protection and preservation of the unique biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes in the Upper Imereti region, as well as the sustainable management of natural resources. The creation of the Kvereti Reserve will help to popularize the region nationally and internationally, attract the tourist flow, and make it possible for the local population to receive additional economic benefits.

Kvereti Protected Area is characterized by unique biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes of national and international importance. Here are rare, unique, characteristic and endangered wildlife species of Georgia included in the "Red List" of Georgia.

In accordance with the policy developed by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, one of the priority directions of the Agency of Protected Areas is to create/establish, expand and develop protected areas in accordance with international best practices.

In the last 10 years, the area of ​​protected areas has increased by almost 300,000 hectares and, as of 2021, is about 800,000 hectares, which is 11.5% of the country's area. From 2012 to 2021, 31 new protected areas were created and 3 protected areas were expanded. Today, there are 94 protected areas in 5 different categories in Georgia.