Posted: 5 days ago

Georgian Railway Guides will Acquaint Passengers with Adjara Routes

Dato Gorgiladze and Ninia Macharashvili will accompany Tbilisi-Batumi train passengers on August 3.

Georgian Railway continues a special project for the introduction of various stories about Georgia to Adjara visitors. Guides will acquaint passengers with various stories about the old and new routes of the Adjara Region. If you do not still know where the Princess Balcony is allocated in Batumi, what is the history of Batumi Theater, why you should visit Fish Market, and what the museum of Bothers Nobles looks like – then you should definitely trip by Tbilisi-Batumi train.

As noted by Georgian Railway representatives, this is an incomplete list of stories and the way to Batumi is full of adventures.

Passengers should know that the trip process will be shot by cameramen so Georgian Railway prepares special information clips for a wider audience.