Posted: 1 year ago

Euronews Crew is Filming about Tourist Products in Adjara

TV company "Euronews" is preparing a story about Batumi as a rapidly growing tourist destination in Europe.

According to the press service of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara, together with the city's tourist attractions and infrastructure, the camera team captured mountainous Adjara, where the journalists tried the canyoning and zipline tourist products themselves. In the story prepared for the "FOCUS" program, attention will be paid to Batumi as a safe, tourist-attractive, and rapidly developing city, which along with the sea offers travelers diverse and interesting mountain tourism products.

The story about Batumi will be broadcast on Euronews at the end of September and will be seen by millions of viewers in 160 countries. The Euronews film crew's trip to the region was preceded by a one-month television advertisement of Adjara on Euronews, within the framework of which Euronews viewers were introduced to the image videos of the region.

Adjara's mining and marine tourism opportunities are being actively advertised in target countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. At the invitation of the Department of Tourism of Adjara, the region hosts representatives of leading media and tourism agencies from the target countries, who publish articles, stories and blogs about Adjara.