Posted: 4 years ago

Destroyed Infrastructure and Failing Season - Occupied Abkhazia without Tourists

Destructed infrastructure and failed summer season - a critical situation in Georgia's occupied region of Abkhazia - as a resident claims Gagra Beach, like most other seaside towns, is completely inadequate, filled with rubbish and in fact destroyed.

Just a month ago, the deputy minister of de facto tourism announced that many tourists were expected in Gagra in August and hotels and houses were fully booked.

Also, the so-called Abkhazian tourism agency reported on June 10 that 10,000 people stayed only in Gagra, more than twice as many as last year - though no tourists were seen in Gagra. 

"As the de-facto Government of occupied region couldn't maintain financies for seaside infrastucture, just like previous years, number of Russian tourists is even more decreased,''-sayd the resident at BMG.