Posted: 2 months ago

"Culinary Trip to Adjara" - Culinary Guide of more than 100 Adjara Dishes is Ready

"Culinary trip to Adjara" - this is the name of the culinary guide, which includes about 110 dishes. The book, prepared by the Tourism Product Development Agency of the Adjara Tourism Department, contains recipes, photos, and traditions related to lesser-known and forgotten dishes, desserts, and pastries.

A study conducted during a culinary expedition helped revive dishes and desserts that were no longer known to locals and used in food.

As Adjara cuisine is characterized by a variety of dishes and local peculiarities, culinary research was conducted according to municipalities and valleys. It includes both Upper Ajara, Kobuleti, and Laz cuisine. The guide presents the main dish, dessert, sauces, jams, marinades, dairy products, toppings, wine types, and other products made from grape juice. In order to restore authentic cuisine, the inventory and utensils of Adjara cuisine were also studied.

The culinary guide on the one hand will promote the various dishes of Adjara, on the other hand, will help to include them in the menus. Those who wish to view the electronic version of the book can visit the agency's tourism portal. The printed version of the Culinary Guide will be given as a gift to guides, catering establishments, and family-guest houses.